Whatcha doin’?

This past weekend, we visited the Mall of Asia in Manila. Wow, that is a huge mall! It keeps going and going! I couldn’t possibly go everywhere in one day. We spent about 6 hours there and I felt like I was barely scratching the surface of it all. I ended up buying most of my souvenirs for my family and friends while I was here.

I have also been taking the PERL workshop, which I have found to be extremely interesting. We’re only a few days in, so we are just learning the basics still, but I’m looking forward to the rest of the course. It has been a good use of my time here and I’m just happy I am able use some of the IRRI employee benefits.

The ISU students (from my youth group called Encounter in Bloomington) are also going to be arriving in Los BaƱos soon. Our plan is to have a worship service this Friday at 6:30pm in Baker Hall, one of the UPLB buildings. They are coming to the Philippines on a mission trip through the youth ministry. It’s so cool that they happen to end up in the same city as I am, during the same time that I’m here as an intern.

Another update is that a few of us interns have planned a trip to Hong Kong next week, the 21st of July until July 24th. I am so excited! Hong Kong has a 72-hour stay policy without requiring a visa from those with a US Passport. Brock and I were able to get Hong Kong Disneyland tickets from a family friend of mine who works for Disney in Shanghai. Thank you, Erin! It’s something I have been looking forward to and I would have never been able to do if I wasn’t already here in the Philippines. We couldn’t hide our inner kid anymore! I will be sure to take lots of photos while I’m there and update my blog once I get back.



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