Church of Christ in Los Banos

We started our weekend off by ordering from a catering business. Kim had to call one day ahead of time so they could buy the ingredients and prepare it for us. It was huge! We only got a small and with seven people eating it, we barely made a dent! It is hard to tell, but the photo of the pancit (Filipino noodles) was after all seven of us had our first serving. We also bought this corn casserole and lumpia (kind of like a Filipino version of a spring roll), which I ate so much of.  I can’t get over the food here. It’s all so delicious, half of my blog posts will most likely turn out to be about food.

Speaking of food, we went into town and bought honey dew mango ice cream. It’s peach colored! I’ve never had ice cream that good… It was soft serve, so as soon as we walked outside, it started to melt. I scarfed mine down so it wouldn’t get all over the place. The ice cream was so good, I need to devote an entire paragraph to it. We bought it at a Mini Mart, which is like a little gas station store.

Saturday, the IWU group went to Taal Volcano, but I stayed back. My stomach was bothering me and I don’t think the hike would have been a good idea. However, they told me it was an amazing experience and I am planning to go back sometime while I am here.

This morning, Brock, Mara and I checked out the Church of Christ in Los Banos. Brother Harold, a friend of the youth pastor at the ISU ministry I go to, greeted us when we arrived. He introduced us to everyone as their family from the US and made us feel at home. The service goes from 8:30-11:00 am and is normally in Tagalog, but Bro. Harold switched between English and Tagalog so we could understand it. It was so cool to see the similarities and differences between parishes here and in the US.  There were a few times during the service where the woman behind me had to tell me what to do, since I was lost. The Bibles are also in Tagalog, so we were handed an English Bible after they saw us struggling to read along.

I’m very grateful to all the people here who go out of their way to make me feel less like a foreigner. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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