Getting Dirty

I’ve spent a few days in the Soil Science department, learning about how they test the soil for particular elements, including Zinc. The availability of Zinc in the soil directly affects the concentration of Zinc found in the grain during growth, which is why I am here. Dr. Johnvie, a scientist who has worked on several projects involving Zinc, kindly took the time to explain the work that they have done and what they are currently working on. While I was there, I also helped out with a few other experiments, including testing the pH of different soil samples from several rice plots (pictured below).

Outside of the scheduled work I have, I am excited about a workshop by AFSTRI coming up in July. AFSTRI has put together a two week long workshop about PERL, a programming language that can be used for many things, including data analysis. It is free, provided that you are an IRRI employee. It takes place after work hours, so I am able to attend in the evening. This course starts from the basics, so I will hopefully be able to jump right in with everyone else.


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