Over at IRRI

What a day! Yesterday was my first full day at IRRI. We had a mini orientation with Kuya Froilan and Ate Anilyn, where we learned more about the campus and nearby area. We got our ID’s, drove around town and even tried buko pie. It was amazing!

I was also able to meet my advisor, Dr. Mallikarjuna Swamy, and get an idea of the type of environment I will be working in. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating, which made me feel very welcomed. It’s a bit of an adjustment to get used to a more laid back attitude, as opposed to the chaos most Americans experience in the workplace. I was able to spend the day today reading articles about the projects that my department is currently working on and I am very excited to start my research with them.

We have been in our dorms for a few days now, since the first orientation was next to our site. I have uploaded a few photos, showing what our rooms look like. I am rooming with Giana Biddle, Ojaswee Shrestha is across the hall, and the other three (Kim Do, Annika Anderson, and Brock Taylor) are on the other side of the floor. They assigned us our particular rooms so we would all be really close to one another. There is also a main lounge area for anyone on the floor to hang out in and a friendly security guard greets you every time you walk in or out of the building. It’s a very nice facility overall, so I feel very safe and comfortable (in case you are a future IRRI student, there is no need to worry about housing).


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  1. Carol Dolan says:

    I so enjoy your writing. Grams and I are so proud of you. The facilities look really so much better than I expected

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  2. Teddy Amoloza says:

    Nice post, Megan. Sorry for the confusion about how to send the blog url to me. I’m glad you are enjoying IRRI and what you’ve seen of the Philippines so far! Take care and I’ll see you on June 30.

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